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"And like Dad said, he’d gone to war to save his country... but… when he came back, he wanted to raise his family and he says he was pushed out to go and live somewhere else."
"There was a road where we’d go fish for clams… we’d fish… we’d go lobster fishing. We went hunting a lot ... We had everything. It was a good life."
"We stayed here at night. I remember, I slept here to make sure they’d know there was someone inside the house, not to burn it down… so it wouldn’t burn."
"I taught for 32 years ... Many of the parents couldn’t read ... they couldn’t help the children at home, but those parents loved their children. Love, there was plenty of that."
"We didn’t have much of a choice here … I think it’s worse than a tsunami or a big earthquake. At least, they can rebuild where they are."
"We got nothing for this property. In the woods back there, it's unreal. Firewood and pulp ... and whatever ... We lost everything. Might as well say we lost our freedom."
"I just started to paint four or five years ago ... Well that's another painting. It shows ... my father in the summertime holding his gun. And it shows the cabin and where we did the battle. The battle is still going on today at Fontaine."
Norma Doucet Félix Doucet Noël and Blandine Doucette Fontaine School Madeleine Stever Francis Hébert Rocky Vautour