Returningthevoicestokouchibouguacnational park


"We got married in ‘66 and the expropriation was ‘69 ... We had saved a little bit of money, we were just married and we had built our new home. ... I was 24. Too young to understand."
"And people still feel attached to it. We still have that love for it. I don’t know why, but it’s our home."
"And then they had the suppers, but we didn't have the money to go and eat ... because we were too big of a family ... There was an old man ... well he'd pay for us to go in and eat."
"As an expropriate ... I cannot say anything bad about it ... because I worked in the park since 1980. Most of my family did ... Sometimes, I think about where I would be today if it hadn't been for the park."
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